Our Products

Classic box

An ultimate combination of the four corners of the country. KK from the north, Gulkand from the east Vetiver from the south and Aamsul from the west. The traditional sips with health benefits.

Limited edition box

The cool cousin of the classic box who loves everything that's trending. Loves a COLA MASALA when hanging with friends, OCEAN LIME on the beach, CANDY PINK when out on a date and SUNNY ORANGE during trips.

Our Flavours

Kala khatta

Traditional blend of grape juice and masala (Lip smacking)


Mood changing and cooling blend of rose water and rose petals


Nutritious and refreshing Vetiver root blend


A classic tangy blend of kokum and lemon

Cola masala

A jhatka of desi flavour in the videshi drink

Ocean Lime

Lime, Lemon and mooooore lemon

Candy pink

Your Childhood favorite cotton candy, in the form of a popsicle

Sunny orange

Tangy orange and cooling mint.

About Us

Sweet Chills F&B started on the 3rd of August, 2020. Founded by DIVYA JAIN who was very keen on revisiting the old school days with the ice sip-ups, summer afternoons and the fun times with friends. The regular flavors were everywhere but the traditional flavors which have health benefits too were lost in the past. Thus, SNOSICLE® was born with a twist to the classics. It took 4 months on Research and Development of the flavors, packaging and branding before we finalized the fantastic flavors! And finally, on the 6th of December, 2020, we launched the first SNOSICLE® boxes in retail market. In 2022, NIHAL UTTAMANI joined in the business bringing in his expertise of marketing and setting up distribution channels, thus working towards the development on the brand. We aim to see the brand spread out and be available throughout the country.

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